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Who we are

The Emirate of Qatar and the Federal Republic of Germany: two countries – at first sight in utmost contrast to each other in terms of size, population, energy resources, history and culture.

But despite – or even because of this contrast – the German-Qatari Association strives to make its contribution to help the people of both countries to get to know each other a bit better, to reduce prejudices and barriers or at least provide a more differentiated view, to forge friendships and build up mutual trust. This can be achieved by a variety of approaches. Many positive contacts already exist in cooperations in business and technology or tourism.

We would like to promote the relationships in particular in culture, education and sports. We place a special emphasis on the personal encounters of people and help them establish personal contacts. Understanding always rests on expertise and know-how. Therefore it is our goal to fill the knowledge gaps about “the others” or to level out biased media reports by other, more differentiated, articles. This is a process that can only succeed with the help of many.

It is our goal to close gaps of knowledge to build a counterpart to single-sided information by offering more differentiated points of views. Because the a deeper understanding is based on knowledge and information.

Our managing committee

Christian Meichsner

Executive Secretary

Hasso Lieber

Board Member

The Federal Republic of Germany and Qatar developed a solid friendship in the past years. Both governments have close and trustful relations to each other. In 2017 we are attending the German-Qatari year of culture with lots of outstanding Events.

The German economy was invited by Qatar to take part in its build-up, which goes on until now. The FIFA world-cup is an important milestone for the construction of the Qatari nation, that’s in love with sports and culture. German Economy is widely represented in Qatar and about 3000 Germans work and live in Qatar.

Germany has a lot of friends in Qatar. There is big trust in Germanys Economy. That’s why Qatar is investing a lot of money in German companies. It is governmental but also private money. Lots of Qataris made Germany their second home, bought houses, study at German universities and spend their vacations with their families in Germany. Partnerships between scientifical and cultural institutions are emerging.

The German-Qatari Association wants to help connecting both countries more and more, especially in terms of culture, education and sports. We want people to meet and get to know each other. It will happen if all of us work for it. That’s why we are having activities and looking for  members in Qatar as well. Next year we want to open our office in Doha.

What We Want

We are an independent, non-profit organization, founded to create a platform of intercultural encouter between Germany and Qatar. As an independent association we need active members and supporters as well as ideas and donations.

We want to
  • Promote relations between both countries in the fields of culture, art, education, science and sports.
  • Mediate information about both countries and between both people.
  • Support the understanding of similarities and differences in both systems in their cultural, social and educational context.
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